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Hyper Island


Trends Hack Playbook


Download our unique playbook with 11 simple actions that you can start to put into practice today for immediate impact.

So what is the 'Trends Hack Playbook'?

We are speeding rapidly from one uncertain year into another that promises to be equally complex!


One thing is a little more dependable at this time of year however. A whole host of 2022 Trends Reports will be appearing in our inboxes and on our social media timelines.


At Hyper Island we get just as excited as everyone else about these reports; but, as part of our Future Foresight services we also like to help our clients explore how to take advantage of the trends to drive actionable insights and add value in our organizations. 


With that in mind, we at Hyper Island have created a Trends Hacks Playbook  with 11 unique tips on how to approach the trends documents with the right mindset and toolbox for success.


Amongst the highly practical tips in the playbook, you can get some highly practical tips on the themes below....


...oh and I think we forgot to mention that the Playbook also has a link to our trends app which will give you quick access to all those trends reports! 



How to identify the trends that are right under your nose
Hacks to develop your curiosity muscle on an everyday basis
Tips to build your own trends radar with diverse inputs
How to ask simple questions of the trends to unlock new insights & value
How to apply trends insights for agile prototyping