Rethinking Customers

A live learning experience with Hyper Island. 

This fun workshop will help you to apply empathy and build rapport for your customer ecosystem.

October 17th, 12pm EST


Unlock the value of your customer networks

Customer ecosystem thinking is a design approach that considers the entire ecosystem of users, devices, and services that interact with a product or service. This approach focuses on understanding the user's needs, behaviors, and preferences within the context of their broader environment.

Rather than just considering the user's interactions with a single product or service, it takes a holistic view of the user's experience across multiple touchpoints and devices. It considers how users interact with different technologies and services throughout their day, and how those interactions influence their behavior and decision-making.

Customer ecosystem thinking requires designers to take a user-centered approach to design, by understanding the user's needs, motivations, and challenges within the context of their broader environment. It also requires collaboration across different teams and disciplines, such as marketing, engineering, and customer support, to create a seamless and integrated user experience.

By taking a user ecosystem thinking approach, designers can create more effective and user-friendly products and services that meet the needs of users within the context of their broader environment. This approach can lead to higher user satisfaction, increased engagement, and better business outcomes.


About the Experience

Workshop facilitated by Hyper Island
Free and interactive 90-minute session
Open to everyone

The session takes place on the ZOOM platform. You sign up and receive all access information via email.

Tuesday, October 17th
12pm (EST)

During the session we will work in Miro. It is very simple to start using but if you would like to watch this short introductory video it might help you.


What are the Meta Sessions?

Each month Hyper Island designs and facilitates a unique live workshop for anyone in the world to participate in. The sessions are designed to help you develop your Meta Skills in a safe, collaborative learning environment.

They are designed to be dynamic and fun offering practical skills that can be applied today to tackle real world business challenges.  


Meta skills, also known as "learning to learn" skills, are the abilities that enable individuals to learn, adapt, and thrive in rapidly changing environments.  In today's world, where the pace of change is faster than ever, meta skills are becoming increasingly important for success in school, work, and life.

So, what exactly are meta skills? Simply put, they are skills that help you learn and develop other skills. They are like the tools in a toolbox that help you build and create things. Meta skills include cognitive, social, and emotional skills, and they are essential for success in a variety of different areas.


Who will lead the journey

Sabryna Alsfasser


Americas Business Leader & Head of Courses
With a degree in Engineering from EC Lyon, one of the most prestigious schools in France, Sabryna has 18 years of experience in major consumer companies such as Nestlé and Beiersdorf.

She has lived and worked in France, Germany, and Brazil, in local, regional, and global roles. Her most recent experience was as Americas Innovation Project Leader for the Nivea brand, leading projects in Strategic Innovation with multidisciplinary teams operating in different countries.

In addition to her activities at Hyper Island, Sabryna is a Productivity Mentor, helping executives achieve consistent results as well as a more balanced life.
Tim 3


Head of North America
Tim works globally as an entrepreneur, consultant, researcher, and speaker. He is currently a professor at FAAP in São Paulo, teaching in the post-graduate extension course on consumer behavior and digital media.

With a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Sheffield (United Kingdom), he is a business leader and Chief Content Officer at Hyper Island. He has led various global innovation and transformation programs for clients such as Itaú, Kimberly Clark, Beiersdorf, Unilever, and Amex, among many others.

He is also an international speaker and learning designer in areas such as Behavioral Economics, Artificial Intelligence, Thought Networks, UX & Design Thinking, Youth Culture, Digital and Social Media, and Consumer Behavior. He also writes and presents reports about the Brazilian consumer market for both Brazilian and international audiences.

About Hyper Island

In 2023, Hyper celebrates 27 years as a facilitator of immersive learning experiences, both for individuals and businesses. Throughout this time, we have worked to assist individuals in their development and nurturing of skills to confront the challenges of an ever-changing society.