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Rapid Rapport Handbook 


Welcome to the FREE Rapid Rapport Handbook: a dynamic guide to help you apply empathy for yourself, your team and your customers 

Build trust, empathy and connections!

Rapport refers to the feeling of trust, respect, and connection between two or more people. It is an important aspect of human interaction and is essential for building strong relationships. Building rapport is also critical for effective leadership, sales, and customer service, as it helps establish trust and credibility with team members, customers, and clients. 




How the Rapid Rapport Handbook can help you:


This free handbook is designed to help you train this all-important meta-skill.

We start by helping you understand why rapport matters and its importance for your personal and professional health.


We then explore the theme through 3 chapters:

  • Building Rapport with Yourself
  • Building Rapport with Your Team
  • Building Rapport with Your Customers

On top of the content and examples, you'll get in each chapter 3 simple but effective tools which can be undertaken individually and in teams to train the rapport muscle.


The handbook also includes some blank canvases which you can use to undertake the activities.