Is your company prepared for the 21st century?

Businesses need new operating systems for a world of constant change. Is your company struggling to keep up with disruption? Are your old ways of working becoming obsolete? Do you see the need to change but don’t know where to start? 

The Progress Index help organizations assess themselves and take steps toward become learning organizations prepared for times of change and uncertainty.
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Assess all aspects of your organisation and compare your results to others.

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Organizations need new operating systems designed for continuous learning.


We help teams and organizations unlock progress to solve problems that matter.

We live in an age of constant and accelerating change. The opportunity is unprecedented, but so is the scale of uncertainty, complexity, and chaos. To survive and thrive, people and organizations must constantly learn, unlearn and relearn.

We help you to identify the problems that matter to your organization, your customers and society. We empower you to be a learning organization.

We’re business progress facilitators, empowering companies to be learning organizations.

We were founded in Sweden 1996 and have been working for progress ever since, helping people and organizations to stay ahead through changing behaviors and technological innovation. Today we operate global through offices in five continents as well as via online courses.

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