The brief

Innovation Week, a part of the yearly foundation module for all new students at Hyper Island, aims to encourage exploration of methods and tools for creative collaboration while working on a real brief.
This year’s brief was on connecting the Paris Agreement with the region of Blekinge with focus on transport. How do you take a global issue down to a regional level? For 48 hours, the new Hyper Island students worked on creating products, services and/or communication concepts that could help solve or spread awareness of the transport problems in the region of Blekinge.
Hyper Island Innovation Week 2018 was created in collaboration with The Pop Up Agency, the creative consultancy known for solving briefs in 48h, created by Hyper Island alumni.

The proposed soultions

Electric bike rental service

So what is our plan for Karlskrona? An electric bike rental service. So how does it work? First download the app. With the app find a nearby rental bike and rent it. That’s it, it’s that easy. And did we tell you our bikes are made from recycled material and is powered by wind energy? Finally a good use for all that wind in Karlskrona.


We want to encourage the Blekinge region to arrange and invite the citizens to participate in an art project to raise awareness of the increasing percentage of emissions that are being let out by transportations. During the week, there will be one competition among the schools in the municipality, and one for all participating citizens. The main purpose is to give people a chance to reflect on our common issue and hopefully their own habits when going from point A to B.

BKL app

An app which counts your steps, bike trips and public transport journeys. You will collect points both individually and collectively to reach a common goal together.


It is your office closer to you. Commute less and get more out of your day whilst helping our planet breathe a little better.


A shortcut to make more people on Trossö skip the car and at the same time experience new ways of sustainable energy, raise awareness and make it fun on the way. Welcome to the Hub of Urbana.


By choosing the bike sharing service Firefly, people in Karlskrona can minimize their carbon emission in the transport sector, which currently is the biggest polluter in Blekinge county.


To make an effort reducing car usage we decided to make a local sharing system of electric bikes connected to an NFC wireless link through the BopX-app. With just one tap you’ll have the opportunity to get around Karlskrona in a fun and affordable way, with stations located in the centre of Karlskrona and all the way out to Lyckeby. The application features a location map where you can find the directions to your closest station and how many available bikes it currently has. There will also be a high score feature which tracks the current status of the friendly environmental impact you’ve made through the distance of riding a BopX-bike instead of a car.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

Otherwise known as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. The goals are interconnected – often the key to success on one will involve tackling issues more commonly associated with another.