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Hyper Island Meta Skills 
Inclusive Innovation
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Innovation that is truly inclusive and accessible requires us to step into the shoes of individuals with different accessibility needs. By understanding their unique challenges, experiences, and perspectives, we can design solutions that cater to a wider range of users.

What is the Inclusive Innovation Resource Kit?

The Inclusive Innovation Resource Kit is a comprehensive collection of tools, examples, and resources designed to promote inclusive innovation. It serves as a guide for individuals and organizations seeking to develop a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by people with different accessibility needs and to foster empathy in the innovation process.

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This practical resource kit offers a diverse range of materials, including VR simulations, websites, apps, platforms, and community resources, all aimed at providing valuable insights and practical opportunities for creating inclusive solutions.

Download and explore how the Inclusive Innovation Resource Kit can impact you can deepen your understanding, foster empathy, and drive meaningful change.



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