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Inclusive Innovation


A live learning experience with Hyper Island 

This fun workshop will help you to develop your adaptability by giving up comfortable ideas and assumptions to learn from excluded users and scale innovation ideas. 

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About the Session
Discover the power of inclusive innovation

This inclusive innovation session can provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to create innovative solutions that benefit everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances. Inclusive innovation emphasizes the importance of designing products, services, and processes that are accessible, affordable, and relevant to diverse communities.


You will learn about the principles and practices of inclusive innovation, including how to engage with diverse communities, co-create solutions, and integrate feedback. You can also explore case studies of companies and individuals who have successfully applied inclusive innovation principles in their work and learn about the benefits of doing so.


Moreover,  this workshop help you to develop your meta-skills, such as empathy, agility, and creativity, which are essential for designing solutions that meet the needs of diverse communities. These abilities can help you to better understand the perspectives of others, adapt to changing circumstances, and generate innovative ideas that address complex challenges.


This workshop on inclusive innovation can help you to become a more effective innovator, by enabling you to create solutions that are more inclusive, equitable, and impactful.

Inclusive design can stimulate innovation by encouraging designers and developers to consider the needs of diverse communities. This can lead to the development of new and innovative solutions that address a broader range of customer needs.
Free Resource Kit
Inclusive Innovation Resource Kit

The Inclusive Innovation Resource Kit is a comprehensive collection of tools, examples, and resources designed to promote inclusive innovation. It serves as a guide for individuals and organizations seeking to develop a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by people with different accessibility needs and to foster empathy in the innovation process.


This practical resource kit offers a diverse range of materials, including VR simulations, websites, apps, platforms, and community resources, all aimed at providing valuable insights and practical opportunities for creating inclusive solutions.

Download and explore how the Inclusive Innovation Resource Kit can impact you can deepen your understanding, foster empathy, and drive meaningful change.


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What are the Meta Sessions?
Meta Sessions

Each month Hyper Island designs and facilitates a unique live workshop for anyone in the world to participate in. The sessions are designed to help you develop your Meta Skills in a safe, collaborative learning environment. They are designed to be dynamic and fun offering practical skills that can be applied today to tackle real world business challenges.  


They are also a great opportunity to network and learn with your peers. The past two Meta Sessions have included clients from organizations such as Visa, Phillips, Disney, General Mills and Ogilvy. 

Understand the Meta Skills

Meta skills, also known as "learning to learn" skills, are the abilities that enable individuals to learn, adapt, and thrive in rapidly changing environments.  In today's world, where the pace of change is faster than ever, meta skills are becoming increasingly important for success in school, work, and life.

Simply put, they are skills that help you learn and develop other skills. They are like the tools in a toolbox that help you build and create things. Meta skills include cognitive, social, and emotional skills, and they are essential for success in a variety of different areas.

Forthcoming Meta Sessions

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For over 25 years, Hyper Island has been a world leader in the immersive learning experience industry. Hyper Island prepares individuals and organizations to anticipate and adapt to the changes of tomorrow, today. Through partnerships with companies all over the world, we help create dynamic and innovative cultures that accelerate long-term change.