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Executive Leadership Program Module 2 - Learning Kit

Summary of Module 2 of the 2021 Executive Leadership Program
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Overview of the Executive Leadership Program

This Learning Kit is a summary of the key foundations, mindset-shifts and resources from Module 1 of the ELP, Grounding Myself. Its aim is to enable you to revisit your leadership learning journey in one place. While it recaptures the themes from Module 1, its most constructive use is in conjunction with your own reflections from Miro and/or any personal journal notes you may have taken.

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Module 2 Summary - Facilitating Others

We have now been journeying together for a few weeks through Module 1 by looking inward. We explored values, boundaries, learning agility and resilience and putting these skills into practice. Module 2 built upon this foundation by exploring how you as a leader act and behave in relation to others. Where Module 1 explored the context of leadership starting with the self, a key perspective explored in Module 2 is what it is like to be on the other side of your leadership? We unpacked the evolution of leadership from being vertically driven, a top-down leadership landscape and economy, to this new necessity for building a collaborative and facilitative leadership landscape. This facilitative approach speaks to the old adage, "There is no 'I' in team." We turned therefore to Amy Edmondson's research on this "new normal" and looked at the following shifts:


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This more unpredictable landscape requires a new approach to teaming. Effective team-ing is the idea that team is better viewed as a verb than a noun. Edmondson's research on the behaviours of effective teaming helped us put some meat on the bones on what skills and behaviours are needed in order to enter this new facilitative teaming landscape. 


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Leadership Canvas


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The module began by charting your own leadership landscape in the context of facilitating others. How your presence and leadership manifests itself in your leadership team and organisational context. The leadership canvas aided in articulating an inventory of your leadership. The canvas offered key insights by articulating your strengths, blind spots, behaviours and purpose in leading others. The populated canvas then contributed to identifying shifts, connections, commitments and challenges you're currently facing in your leadership of others. 

Leadership Safari

Our canvas then led us out on the savannah of leadership development. Taking stock of the challenges we identified in leading others, we then took stock of what we can do about it. So we went on a leadership safari exploring the models, frameworks and stories that provide meaningful and important foundations that we have stood on to respond to the challenges.


First Team Mindset

Hero's Journey

Further readings and reflections




Live Sessions 3 & 4


Thank you for developing your leadership together with us! 


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