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Executive Leadership Program Module 3 - Learning Kit

Summary of Module 3 of the 2021 Executive Leadership Program
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Overview of the Executive Leadership Program.

This Learning Kit is a summary of the key foundations, mindset-shifts and resources from Module 3 of the ELP, Shaping the new. Its aim is to enable you to revisit your leadership learning journey in one place. While it recaptures the themes from Module 3, its most constructive use is in conjunction with your own reflections from Miro and/or any personal journal notes you may have taken.

Learning Kit - Module 3


Module 1 Summary: Shaping the future


Being Not all problems are created equal - In this model we are exploring and building a better understanding for the world of complex problem solving and decision making. The 


Cynefin framework (LINK DOESNT WORK) is for problem-solving and decision making. The Welsh word 'Cynefin' means habitat or place. It suggests a place of multiple belonging. The Cynefin framework is rooted in systems and complexity theory and cognitive science. It's described as a framework of “making sense of complexity in order to act.”



Moving operations to ‘Simple’ with Cynefin Part of the responsibility of high-performing Operations teams is to keep the developers moving as fast as possible. Using the Cynefin framework, we have a way of characterizing our initiatives and shaping their outcomes, to achieve maximum throughput.




Polarity Management Theory (LINK DOESNT WORK)

Polarity Management is a framework that helps us explore the idea that some complex problems simply do not have "solutions." The key to being an effective leader is being able to recognize and manage such problems. Polarity thinking is a mindset that will challenge you to look at situations - in new ways. There is a significant competitive advantage for those leaders, teams, or organizations that can distinguish between a problem to solve and a polarity to manage and are effective with both.

VIDEO: Polarity Management example of how challenges can sometimes be a polarity to manage rather than a problem to solve, highlighting how we might get the best of both worlds.


The storytelling method that we will practice in this module, is inspired by the concept of Polarity Management, a very powerful approach that helps us lead in complexity. These are a few resources to explore.



If you want to dive deeper:

Link to article: Navigating Complexity: Managing Polarities

Harvard Business Corporate Learning writes about how leaders can effectively navigate the complexity of today’s business world for their organizations.


Recording of Live session 6


Recording of Live session 6


Further readings and reflections




Live Sessions 3 & 4


Thank you for developing your leadership together with us! 


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