You’re driving change in your organization, working hard to meet new and complex challenges. We get that it's tough. This program blends online learning with offline doing to strengthen your confidence, competence, and peer network to lead that change and have an impact.

In Driving Transformation you work with your own transformation case – a formal or informal change initiative you're driving in your organization. You'll learn by doing, with a close group of peers from across industries. You'll apply useful theory and methods, prototype transformation in real-time, and get support from experts and coaches.

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Driving Transformation
3 Sep – 12 Oct, 2018

  • 6-week online program
  • $2,000 USD
  • 8-15 hours per week
  • Limited seats available
  • Participants should have an organizational “transformation case” to work on during the program. See FAQ for more details.
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Get effective methods to assess the current state, engage with stakeholders, design your roadmap for change, and prototype the future.  


Overcome the resistance by learning to influence through storytelling, engage people in new ways, coach yourself through turmoil and dare to take action.


Work closely with a tight-knit group of other transformation leaders from around the world, all working with similar challenges, across a range of industries.

"I've never experienced such a valuable, fun and challenging online program – it was so full of learning, interaction and amazing people."

Florencia Landi, Transformation Leader, Telecom Argentina

Alumni from Hyper Island's transformation programs. 

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Working directly with your transformation case, you’ll learn a new playbook for driving change. You'll explore tangible cases, instantly applicable methods and illuminating mental models. All the while hacking your own case with support from our coaches, other program participants and your colleagues.


Build your case for change
Analyze the current state, crystalize the future vision and see what it will take to get there

Learn from the future
Get insights about emerging drivers of change in technology, culture and business

Influence stakeholders
Map stakeholders’ diverse needs and learn how to meet them where they are.

Remove barriers & create engagement
Identify the the barriers and overcome resistance by empowering action and ownership

Prototype the future
Change the narrative and make the future tangible by prototyping what it could be
"The program is a collaborative journey of practical tools and self-discovery.  It helped me find the right spots to improve and grow as a change leader. I made progress on my own case, while sharing feedback with others, and building a lasting group of peers."

Bruno Nastari, Business & Activation Strategy Manager, Hype Agency


An intensive 6 weeks of real-time learning-by-doing and coaching to unlock progress for your case.
The program demands high commitment and engagement while being designed to be flexible. Some elements happen live remotely, while others are on your own schedule. 
Expect to dedicate 8-15 hours per week for group discussions, webinars, reading and individual work.

Tools, Templates and Resources
Get the best learning materials and useful tools, curated to support you to apply immediately on your case

Online Workshops
Learn and get inspired from live sessions with program coaches, guest experts and other participants

Learn with Peers Across Industries
Engage in an online learning environment that facilitates dialogue, discussion and feedback

Weekly Challenges
Put ideas and tools into practice with weekly challenges to build your skills and generate impact


The program is led by a team of experienced facilitators and thought leaders

Alex Neuman
Program Facilitator

Designing and leading learning programs to help organizations grow, be more effective, reach their goals and increase well-being.


Hazel Swayne
Business Coach

Helping companies adapt and embrace change by designing and guiding transformative learning and development experiences.


Bella Funck
Innovation Leader

Leading Hyper Island's own transformation and innovation processes with purpose and learning as core vehicles.


Ben Ward
Change Facilitator

Creating safe and courageous spaces for new ways of working for teams & leaders to lead personal and business transformation.


Bring your transformation case.
Make change happen in your organization.

Get in touch with your questionsmedium_johanna-nordin
Hi, I'm Johanna, part of the program team.
Have questions? 
Just email me.