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Hyper Island Meta Skills
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Enhancing your curiosity and imagination to have an open mind for complex problem-solving that drives innovation

What is the Creativity Hacks

The path to unlocking your creativity is like discovering a treasure trove of endless possibilities. This "Creativity Hacks" is designed to be your go-to resource for unleashing your creative potential.


Just like a muscle, creativity thrives with practice. These hacks will serve as your daily exercises, strengthening your creative resilience and building that all-important muscle memory. We've carefully curated a collection of activities and tools from various sources that have proven to be remarkably effective in fostering creativity.






In this collection, you'll find diverse techniques embraced and endorsed by amazing individuals and organizations. We'd like to encourage you to explore these specific tools and dive into the vast array of activities these creative pioneers offer.


Remember, creativity can be a solo adventure or a collaborative voyage. Whether you choose to embark on these hacks alone or team up with friends, colleagues, or your entire team, the possibilities are boundless.