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Looking for some new tools and activities to boost your creative powers?

Perfect for you, your team, and your organization.


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Ready to train your creative muscles?

The Covid pandemic forced many of us to restrict our social movements and reduced our opportunities to get out of our bubbles. As teams we also saw a reduction in the opportunities for collaboration and collective creativity, in both formal and formal contexts.       


With that in mind, we have decided to pull together some of our favorite tools and design our own creativity bootcamp; a virtual resource to help you get your creative juices flowing with the help of Hyper Island. 


The creativity muscle is like any other; something to be trained on a daily basis to develop resilience and strength and build up that all-important muscle memory. This kit is to help encourage you to get into the creativity gym. And if you are already a regular at the gym, invite you to try out some new tools.  


We have spent some time exploring and curating activities and tools from a range of different sources which we have found particularly useful and creative over recent years. 


Are you ready to explore how you can train in very simple ways your empathy, curiosity and therefore boost your creativity?


How does the creativity bootcamp work:

Every week you’ll receive one email with a new challenge to apply
After reading the instructions, decide what is the best moment/place to experiment the challenge during your week
Reserve some time to reflect on the experiment
Share with us! Share your thoughts, reflections and creative outputs with us and the Hyper Island community.
Use #HIcreative and tag Hyper Island on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram! We’d love to see what this challenge has triggered in you! Surprise gifts for the best videos!