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Executive Leadership Program Learning Kits

A summary of the 2021 Executive Leadership Program
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Overview of the Executive Leadership Program

This Learning Kit is a summary of the key foundations, mindset-shifts and resources from Module's 1, 2 & 3 of the ELP, Grounding Myself. Its aim is to enable you to revisit your leadership learning journey in one place. While it recaptures the themes from all three modules, its most constructive use is in conjunction with your own reflections from Miro and/or any personal journal notes you may have taken.


Context of the ELP


Society and organizations are facing the challenges and opportunities that come with technological acceleration, globalisation and increased complexity. The new reality requires us to come together, across silos and borders to co-create, innovate and solve problems together.


This new order and way of working is gradually impacting and transforming our role as senior leaders. To be successful in this transition, we need to stop downloading some of the old scripts and habitual ways of thinking and doing, and start uploading new ones, especially for how we lead and manage our teams.


This program aims directly at supporting you in this transition, empowering you with the insights, tools and the mindsets needed to rise to the challenges around you and make bold change happen in your organisation.

Leadership that starts with you

The Executive Leadership program is the most advanced and potentially transformative in Hyper Island's leadership portfolio. It is an invitation to explore the mountains and valleys of your own personal leadership landscape, a deep and highly personal journey of reflection and self-exploration towards realizing your higher potential as a leader.


This is not a mini-MBA where numerous professors share their academic insights or
a raft of organizational case studies that you deconstruct and try to “solve”. We will equip you with a set of transferable leadership skills and frameworks that can be applied in wide range of settings, as well as a set of transformative skills and habits that will allow you to leave behind the patterns of the past and accelerate your own personal growth, in work and life. Together, these are the tools, frameworks and mindsets needed to effectively navigate the terrain of modern organisations and get important collaborative work done.

This course aims to work on your future-readiness as a leader and is developed on the back of our decade-long learnings of empowering bold change makers for the emerging future.

Module 1

Module 1: Grounding Myself - Building a sense of urgency, inviting you to connect with the landscape outside - and inside yourself as a launchpad for transformation.
-   A deeper sense of openness, presence and curiosity to myself and the outside world
-   Incorporating personal habits for learning & resilience

Module 2

Module 2: Facilitating Others - Linking and leveraging diverse perspectives and capabilities in your organisation to manage change and co-create solutions to complex problems.
-   Leveraging your strengths and personal leadership identity
-   Developing a strong sense of purpose, being an intentional leader in your organisation
-   How to be a cross-silo leader in your management team: Foster partnership across functions

Module 3

Module 3: Shaping the New - Stop recreating the patterns of the past and explore strategic doing as a vessel for shaping the emerging future.
-   Appling frameworks for effectively navigating and respond to complexity
-   Adaptive decision making in change: Knowing when to fly high and when to fly low
-   Lead transformation and change. In myself and my organisation.


Thank you for developing your leadership together with us! 


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